About Us

“Enabling Ripples of Kindness.”

ROK is a community for the socially aware. It involves Crowd Contribution for social responsibility. We provide a platform for the simple, efficient and transparent distribution of funds and services from contributors to recipients. Our non - negotiable tenets are transparency and authenticity.

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create a combination of technology and on the ground teams to match contributors with their choice of social responsibility initiatives. The RoK community facilitates Crowd Contribution both personal time and funds.

"Touching one life at a time"


ensuring every contribution is transparent and matched to the cause specified with complete transparency.

"See the impact of your contributions directly."


oriented! A log book is maintained for all contributors with integrations to prevalent social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Community interaction is available via RoK email and messaging services.

"An interactive community."


that the ROK network will validate the authenticity of the cause and provide support in reaching the relevant recipients.

Special care is given to ensuring the contributions reach the recipients directly in an efficient manner.

"See the impact of your contributions directly."