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Written by Shrinidhi S | Posted 14 days ago

Rok often engages in acts of altruism, particularly when it comes to education. As one of our fundamental goals, we work to make education more accessible to those in need. This was particularly challenging amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many families lose their livelihoods and had their lives put on hold

One such case was that of GShrinidhi an extremely promising student from an underprivileged community in Chennal. Amids the pandemic,both her parents had been laid off and the little income that came into her household was used for the family's basic needs. As a result, Shrinidhis education became unaffordable to the family. This was especially concerning, as she needed to pay her fees to give her final exams and formally complete her education

When her situation was brought to our notice, Rok implemented a field team to gauge her needs, connect with her school and determine how much funding was required for Shrinidhi to complele her 10th grade Education. Then, using the Rok platform to raise funds, we successfully generated enough donations to ensure Shrinidhi was able to complete her examinations.

Here's what she had to say

"I am studying in class X. Due to the pandemic my mother lost her job and father is not getting any salary. I would have had to drop out of school but thanks to ROK who paid my fee and I have been able to give my final exam.”

G. Shrinidhi, St. Anne School

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